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Cities in Transition


What do we see in our cities?

Too often, our opinions about a city are formed by sound-bites or video footage of the latest disaster’s saturation coverage in the mass media. Events we see only on TV often shock us, touching us deeply, weaving pain and fear into the distressed fabric of our daily lives.

Diane’s art weaves a different sort of tapestry, one that offers new and surprising symbols and perspectives. At a time when many of us are seeking to transcend tired mindsets or limited viewpoints, these paintings encourage us to use our knowledge of these cities to look beyond “ordinary reality”. Perhaps they will inspire a heightened awareness of the major transformation we now face at every level of existence in our world.

Modernizing the tradition of mystics, seers and oracles, Diane opens an ancient window to illuminate our understanding of community life, within or outside several of our vast and complex cities.

With “Cities in Transition” Diane records her brief journeys to 12 different U.S. cities, one a month for 12 months.

Triggered by her vision and visceral sense of the energetic challenges we all experienced in Los Angeles when the 1992 Riots occurred, she created her first artwork in what quickly compelled her to create a series. She recorded the visions that revealed themselves on 4-days visits to other cities, and finished where she began…discovering a new vision of Los Angeles 12 months later.

Several of these works of art scattered through this site. Enjoy!

CityofAngelsbyDianeACurran©-from her Cities in Transition Series