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Anima, Anime


What makes an image live?

Is it the technique? The skill in rendering that an artist achieves after hundreds of hours, or days, or years, of practice?

Is it the gesture, or a happy accidental flourish, that evokes the movement or stillness of one’s model?

Or is it the sense that something of consciousness has been captured? The focus you imagine in the eyes, or the sense of liveliness, affect and attitude of the being captured, lives forever in an artistic interpretation.

Artists have always learned from each other, and study has always involved copying, or re-interpreting a past master’s art.

The sketches presented on this site live within that tradition, and take their inspiration for the anima and anime present in the original works of art.

The eyes of a lioness, or those of a multi-faceted woman, while in shadow, brim with light and life.

— Diane