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Living the creative life in Los Angeles, always experimenting, in words & images…

Back in the last century, I wanted to find a way to create and convey images without having to use paper.

Fantasy, it seemed.

But suddenly, Voilà! Many smart minds got very busy in the ensuing decades and nanoseconds,

we’ve gone from using 32KB of computer RAM to get to the Moon…

to using a gargantuan 2GB these days to fire up a standard home computer…

and lo and behold, along the way we really did learn how to make visual art without paper.

Cyberspace is a strange and wondrous place – with only two time zones, Awake and Asleep.

One of these days I’ll get the hang of these two zones. Awake seems Tangible, while Asleep remains veiled, even Virtual.

Perhaps finding a steadier set of bio-rhythms to unite them will be our reward after a few more decades online.

Artifact and Art, as elusive and intriguing as ever.

I dabble, therefore I am.

In the meantime, you are invited to stroll through a sampling from decades of my art on and off paper.

— Diane